Howdy! I’m Anna Beth in Albuquerque and I’ve always been an animal lover. My partner and I have two beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs named Kashari and Kachina.

After many years of owning and loving dogs, I’m now embarking on an exciting new adventure. I have just opened my first retail store, Dawg Gone Good Boutique, Barkery & Paw Spa, located in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque. The store is an eclectic combination of Life is Good products and accessories; all-natural dog bakery, treat and food items; and toys, leashes, collars, beds, and other fun stuff. Most of our products are both natural and made in the USA. We also do light grooming, nails and ears, and doggie alternative medicine modalities with practitioners in doggie accupunture, message, t-touch, reiki, and Bach flower remedies.

With the economy and what’s been happening around the world, a lot of people are stressed and worried. I want Dawg Gone Good to be a happy haven for dogs and their people; a place where they can come and smile. I believe in the saying, Do What You Love and Love What You Do.
I’d like this blog to be a place to share all the laughs, challenges and joys  that come with being a dog’s “person.” I’ll share what I’ve learned and I hope you will share your thoughts, questions, and ideas. Until then, just remember life really is Dawg Gone Good!

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  1. Hi — I’m a dog person thru and thru (labs and lab crosses are my favorites), and I own two VERY spoiled ones — well, it’s really more like they own me, ’cause I’m the one goes to work every day so they can have the luxury of laying under the swamp cooler all day (I leave it on for ’em) unless they want to go in and out the doggie door for a break. I’ve offered to swap jobs, but no takers. Sometimes I even have to argue with Emily about who gets to sleep in my spot on the bed (I usually win that one!) and who gets the good pillow.

    Anyway I got a card from you guys in the mail today and I am trying to picture where you are so I can come by — what are you near? I work on Girard, so I’ve gotta be close, no?

    Got any good treats for an allergic doggie (Emily)? She can’t have grains, and Barb McGuire (her vet) and I are also suspecting pumpkin, which is ubiquitous nowdays.

    Where are you in relation to the Walgreens?


    Milli Alvarado and Emily and Harold Alvarado


    • Hi–I hope you’ve found the store. We are on the corner of Central and Wellesley, right next to Boba Tea and across from Kelly’s Brew Pub. We have lots of treats, including grain-free. Bring Emily and Harold in for a sample.


      • I see you do grooming?? Do you do baths? My Emily has to have medicated baths because of her allergies and to keep her skin calmed down.

        Milli Alvarado

        PS: I haven’t been in yet — never seem to have the time and the opportunity at the same time, and then once when I did I couldn’t find a place to park close enough for me (bad hip) — but I’ll get there soon. I think I’ve seen you out and about with those beautiful dogs of yours — they are magnificent!

  2. Posted by Barbie on August 4, 2011 at 10:08 am

    I LOVE the store! It’s so much fun to shop in there and I am really excited about your no kennel approach to dog grooming. My dog needs to be groomed but she hates to go to the groomers! I am going to start bringing her to you so that she starts to look forward to her haircuts. Audrey and I will see you soon!


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