Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

Did you know that more dogs are lost during the winter than any other season? According to the ASPCA, dogs can lose their scent on ice or snow and can’t find their way home, especially in a snowstorm. As winter nears, make sure your dog has the proper I.D. tags and follow these tips to keep your furry one safe this season.

1. Keep your dog warm when going outdoors. A longer coat provides more warmth so never shave your dog down to the skin in the winter. When bathing your pooch during cold weather, completely dry him before he goes outside. Short-haired breeds may appreciate a high-collared, long coat or sweater during cold temperatures.

2. Don’t leave your dog in the car during cold weather. Cars hold in the cold like a refrigerator and can freeze your dog to death.

3. If your dog is outside a lot, increase his food, especially protein, to keep his fur in good shape.

4. Wipe off your dog’s feet, legs and  stomach after he’s been out in ice, snow or sleet. This will protect him from ingesting antifreeze, salt or other chemicals when he licks his paws. Encrusted ice or snow can also make his paw pads bleed.

5. Clean up any any spilled antifreeze. It is poisonous to both dogs and cats and only a few licks can be toxic. Consider replacing  ethylene glycol antifreeze with a less toxic antifreeze made from propylene glycol.

6. Give your dog a warm place to sleep.  A warm bed, blanket or pillow that’s off the floor and away from drafts will keep your pup cozy during the winter.

7. Protect cold-sensitive dogs. Some fur friends can’t tolerate cold temperatures due to age, illness or breed. Keep them indoors and only let them out for potty breaks. Puppies don’t handle low temperatures as easily as adults and may resist potty training. You might need to paper train your puppy if the temperature is too low.


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