Back to School & Doggie Blues

As summer ends and kids go back to school, your dog may start howling the blues. Fall brings new schedules, different activities and sometimes more alone time for your dog. These changes can distress your pup, leading to unwanted behavior or illness. If you notice your four-legged friend moping around, try these tips to get her tail waggin’.

1. Banish boredom. If back-to-school means more time alone for your dog, make sure he gets plenty of exercise and a variety of stimulating toys. Bored dogs may bark excessively or become destructive.

2. Establish a new routine. Dogs become stressed when there are big changes to their routine. If your family’s schedule has changed, keep your dog’s feeding, walking and playing times consistent.

3. Watch for separation anxiety. If your dog develops destructive behavior as schedules change, she may be suffering from separation anxiety. Dogs try to relieve the stress by barking, digging and chewing. They may also urinate or defecate in the house, whine or pant.  Try  to keep your dog calm as you’re leaving and when you come home. Since most behavior problems happen during the first hour you are away, you can try leaving your dog for just five minutes and gradually increasing the time he is left alone.

4. Enroll your dog in a class. A schedule change is a good time to reinforce you pet’s training. Look for an obedience or agility class or just work with your dog at home. The mental stimulation and bonding will be good for your pup.

Dawg Gone Good Tip

Happy Tails Sleepytime Tonic helps calm nervous, anxious or overactive dogs. Just place a few drops in your dog’s mouth or food twice a day and you’ll see him relax. The all-natural  Bach Flower-based remedy is safe and effective.


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