Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Footprint

Could your dog be worse for the environment than an SUV?
That’s the claim that two New Zealand scientists made in 2009, citing that a medium-size dog has more than a 2 acre carbon footprint while an SUV has a 1 acre one. (A carbon footprint measures the impact our activities have on the environment based on the amount of greenhouse gases we produce.)

Dogs like meat–a medium-size dog eats 361.5 pound each year–and producing meat requires land and energy. But how can we blame dogs for our environmental woes? They are an irreplaceable part of our lives, lowering our blood pressure, getting us off the sofa and making us laugh. While many disagree with this claim, it has opened up a conversation on “green pet options.” As we all work to sustain and preserve our natural resources, you can choose environmentally responsible foods and products for your dog.

Ways to Reduce You Dog’s Carbon Footprint

1.  Choose natural food and treats. Your dog’s food should be free of artificial colors and flavors, preservatives and synthetic ingredients which create their own carbon footprint.

2. Look for environmentally friendly toys and accessories. You can find a wide range of dog products made from recycled materials such as beds made from plastic bottles or balls crafted from recycled rubber.

3. Use non-toxic grooming products. Look for shampoos and conditioners that have natural ingredients to avoid dumping more chemicals into our ecosystem.

4. Switch to bio-degradable bags to dispose of your dog’s waste. “Green” poop bags stay out of our overfull landfills.

5. Seek out food and products in recycled packaging. This will conserve water and raw materials needed for future resources.

Top Five Eco-Friendly Products (available at Dawg Gone Good)

Orbee balls and toys from Planet Dog, made from recycled rubber


Petcurian’s Go! Natural, wholesome food with natural preservatives


West Paw Design’s Eco Mat, made from recycled bottles


Taste of the Wild, hormone- and antibiotic-free foode

Happy Tails, cruelty-free, all natural grooming products


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