Taking the Doggie on Vacation

We treat our dogs as part of the family, so it makes sense that we want to take them along on our vacations. But before you pile into the car with your four-legged friend, do some planning and make sure you have everything you need to make your dog’s vacation safe, relaxed and happy.

Traveling by Car

• Feed and water your dog 2 hours before you start the trip. This will lessen the chance of an upset stomach.

• Keep your dog safe in the car using  a travel harness with a seat belt. You can also have your dog ride in a crate or use a dog barrier to confine him to one space and keep him from distracting the driver.

• Plan frequent stops so your dog can have potty breaks and exercise. Make sure she has proper I.D. and is on leash when leaving the car.

• Never leave your dog in a parked car. Even with the windows partially down, temperatures can reach over 120 degrees quickly.

Traveling by Plane

• Before booking your flight, check the airline’s policy for transporting pets. You want to keep your dog with you in the cabin if at all possible.

• Avoid flying your dog in the cargo hold. Temperature extremes, lack of oxygen and poor ventilation could harm your dog.

• Consider an alternative airline such as Pet Airways which flies dogs and other pets in the cabin. You will have to fly separately from your pet and pick him up once you get to your destination.

Pet Friendly Hotels

• Research via the Internet for hotels that accept dogs. Usually,  hotels charge a pet fee which can widely vary.

• Check out websites such as bringfido.com that not only list dog-friendly hotels but also provide guest reviews.

What to Pack

• Medications

• Dog crate

• Blanket or pet bed

• Harness or seat belt

• Supply of dog food to last the entire trip

• Water bowl and 3 gallons of water

• Plastic bags and paper towels for clean up

• Chew toys

• A buckle collar with legible ID tags

• Extra leash

• Blankets or towels if your dog likes to splash in water or mud

Dawg Gone Good has products for you and your dog’s vacation. Stop in and ask us about:

Too Hot for Spot, a static cling window thermometer that alerts you to the temperature inside your car






EZY Dog Harness, with seat belt attachment in all sizes and colors






Sandia Pet Products Collapsible Travel Bowl, with clip for easy attachment to a backpack






Happy Tails Flea the Scene, all natural insect repellent with sunscreen






Poop Snoop, waste bag holder with a built-in LED light and clip


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