Wag More, Bark Less!

Goodbye, Corporate World . . . Hello, Dawg Gone Good!

As a Human Resources professional for many years, I used the fine art of “wagging” as a means of developing employee trust in addition to creating depth with my business partners.  Some I had to “convert” to doing a little wag now and then with their staff.  But after years in the industry, my little tail is done wagging in the corporate arena . . . way too many covert barkers out there. Shareholders, who had no tails, trickled down to the XO’s who eventually lost their wag as well. Sad.

So, at 56 I retired and set up shop with Dawg Gone Good in Albuquerque.  Everyone who steps through our doors is either a 2-legged or 4-legged wagger.  The only barks we hear are cheerful greetings.

Our first month in business has been an astounding surprise.  The local community has embraced us with such supportive passion.  To them, we express our gratitude.

So . . . for me, no more corporate suits or silk hosiery.  Waggers enjoy their days in jeans and Life Is Good shirts.  Joy is worth it . . . take the LEAP!!

“Faithful Companion” Judy Luttrell co-owns Dawg Gone Good located in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill shopping district with “Leader of the Pack” Anna Beth Asmussen.  Take a look at Dawg Gone Good’s Facebook page and website www.dawggonegoodnm.com.


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